Residential and Commercial Container Sales

Container Types

General Purpose - GP

The most common height container available. Available in 10ft, 20ft and even 40ft units.

10ft Shipping Container external measurements are: Length: 3m, Wide 2.4m, Height 2.6m.

20ft Shipping Container external measurements are: Length: 6m, Wide: 2.4m, Height 2.6m.

40ft Shipping Container external measurements are:Length: 12m, Wide: 2.4m, Height: 2.6m.

High Cube - HC

In terms of length and width this type of box is identical to general purpose units. The main difference in size is a 300mm or 1 ft height increase compared to standard boxes which means a greater cubic capacity is provided. Available in 20ft and 40ft units.


20ft full side access units have many benefits and are ideal to load large or difficult cargo such as cars since in addition to end door access the entire side of the container fully opens. Available in 20ft either GP or HC.

Double Door

This type of unit provides access from both ends. 20’ and 40’ tunnel units are identical to standard shipping boxes other than doors are manufactured to both ends for easier access to cargo. Available in 20ft or 40ft as GP or HC.

Dangerous Goods - DG

Our Hazardous Goods and Liquids Storage Containers are the ideal storage units for paint, thinners, oils, diesel, chemicals, class 3 inflammables and any other potentially dangerous substance. These containers are equipped with an internal door release, ventilation, bunded floor and a lockable stainless steel valve in the bund wall, ensuring safety is the number one priority.